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Repair & Cleaning Service Rates


Basic Clock Cost of Services:

Service of grandfather/grandmother – $250 and up. This includes pickup of movement weights and pendulum, cleaning in our shop, oiling, regulating and delivery back to your home.

If additional work is necessary we offer free estimates as well.

Service of most wall, mantel, kitchen clocks – $100-$175. Includes cleaning, oiling and regulation.

We are a full service clock repair shop and also offer bushing, replacement of mainspring, click springs and parts. If you desire, many new movements are available as well at reasonable prices.

Service = Clean, Oil and Adjust
8 day Time/Strike – $100
Time Only Service – $75
Westminster Chime (Spring Driven) – $175
Grandfather/Grandmother (Weight Driven) – $250 and up

Pat’s Clock Repair – Service of all kinds of clocks. Authorized service center for Howard Miller and Ridgeway Clocks. We service Grandfather clocks, Grandmother clocks, mantel clocks, kitchen clocks, wall clocks, OG clocks, tall case clocks, electric clocks, quartz clocks, antique clocks, vintage clocks, cuckoo clocks, balance wheel clocks, pendulum clocks, weight driven clocks and spring powered clocks. We also buy and sell clocks. We like clocks.